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About Us

Welcome to Map Online!

We love maps so we hope that, in our site, you can find anything you need about them from resources to plan your trip, major destinations around the globe, strange locations, history, economics, curiosities and much, much more.

We divided the site into various sections to group topics in categories to help you better find what you are interested in. We love maps so much that we put one on every single piece of content we develop at Map Online, this is our signature.

Te better help you navigate our content, let’s describe the sections we have specially selected to develop:

Home. Out home page acts as a blog, all new articles are going to be there in inverse chronological order (newest at the top).

City Guides. We have selected a few cities that deserve to have their exclusive page. This menu option will host them. We make a dedicated post for each of them with a summary of the most important information about the city and what you should know before getting there. Of course, there is also a map :). Within these pages, you will discover links to other articles, more specific, about particular topics within a city. Let’s take an example with our very fist city guide, New York–we love New York. The main New York page gives you a general map of the most important icons of the city, but then, if you are interested in a particular topic like new york subway maps you can find a reference to another article with an in-depth view…and map, as well!

Categories. We develop content around different topics and not only cities. These are grouped into categories for your convenience. Some of the categories are History, Movies, Strange Maps, etc.

We will be charmed to hear about your experiences in trips around the world so travelers can read it and learn from other experiences. You will find ways to do this in every single page and post within our site.

We hope you will enjoy Map Online and if you have any commentary, feedback or suggestion, it will be welcomed through our contact form.

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