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New York Subway Map Made Easy

Why will you need a New York Subway Map? Well… New York City has one of the biggest subway systems of the world and it’s a great way to move around as with 24 lines and 468 stations you will probably go everywhere in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx within walking distance of the station.

Riding the subway is pretty easy and we make it easier sharing this subway map:

new york subway map

As you can see, subway routes are identified by letters (A, B, C..) or numbers (4, 5, 6…), you get the idea. Just beware of which subway you get in as many trains use the same railroad. Depending on the route, you could have a train doing the “express” track and another train doing the “normal” track. Just look at the letter or number at the front or side of the train before getting in. In case you mistakenly board the wrong subway, don’t panic… you can get off on the next station and take the correct one.

A single one-way ride costs $2.75. You should purchase a Metro Card which sells on self-service machines in each station. There are discounts and special offers that could suite the tourist very well. For example, for $30 you can get an unlimited 7-day card that let you ride all subway lines and local buses.

Now a word on security. You probably heard a lot of horror stories about New York Subway. Is not that bad–just beware of your surroundings and try not to ride alone late into the night. New York city is crowded so you will probably have a hard time finding a place to be alone anyway.

My recommendation is this: Plan before you get out. This is how I do it: At the morning while having breakfast I pull up the New York Subway Map, locate my current position and the places I will visit over the day. Then I look at the lines that will get me there and take note of them together with the name of my destination station and any combination I need to do. You can do this online or with a paper map. I prefer online.

Hope you have a great time at this amazing city and that our subway map is of value for you. Please visit the MTA Site for additional information.

Feel free to comment with any tip or experience you like to share.

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